Goodbye, Wobrix Community.

I didn't want to announce this, but, Wobrix is shutting down. Wobrix development was really slow since because i have a really bad WiFi and i cannot make the website like this.
I've got a decision to make a new project, WorldX, and it's coded, i can take some time to release.
And also, Wobrix 2 should have been very good, but, the loss of users, i am not motivated enough to do this sandbox. Plus, the community is really inactive or the last people that we've got was really toxic. (luckly not the staff members) I've got this permant decision. ITS NOT ONLY BAD NEWS! We're coming back with a new title! WorldX! If you want to join, please refer to this link. Thanks for helping, supporting and joining this community, these 4 months was the best of my life. I hope it will be the same as the other sandbox. Thank you. -The Wobrix team.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend" -Dr. Seuss